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3 Pack of Dual Blade Package Opener

3 Pack of Dual Blade Package Opener

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This Universal Dual Blade Package opener is designed to open those difficult plastic packages along with most every type of package.

- Boxes
- Express Envelopes
- Shrink wrap on water bottles
- Pill containers
- Snack bags
- Those ridiculously hard to open plastic clamshell packages.

The unique dual blade design allows you to use the retractable blade to pierce the plastic and then insert the front tip to push and slide to get Iiside. The retractable blade is short so when cutting open boxes, you won't cut the contents inside.

- You get THREE
- Retractable piercing blade
- Recessed slide blade
- Easy, fast and much safer than scissors or knives
- Rugged, durable plastic construction
- Recessed and retractable blades are safe for storage
- Comfort grip for easy and sturdy handling with opening packages

This will be the go to tool for opening any kind of boxes and packages. You will want one in the kitchen, in the basement, in the garage, in the office, and even in the car!
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