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Dusk Til Dawn Sensors - Set of 2

Dusk Til Dawn Sensors - Set of 2

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Never Come Home To A Dark House!

Instantly turns any lamp into a home security system, protecting your home and family. Easy to use electric eye sensor simply screws into any light socket. Bulbs then screw into the sensor. A sensor will automatically turn your light on at dusk and off at daylight.

No more messing with timers and resetting them constantly. Set these up once and they're good to go! For use with light bulbs up to 100W light bulbs. Set of 2.

- Easily transform your exterior lights to come on at dusk and turn off at dawn
- Rated for up to 100 watt light bulbs
- UL Listed
- Great for security
- Saves money on energy bills
- Works with Incandescent Bulbs
- Does NOT work with CFL bulbs
- Total Height 2" (adds 1-3/4"h to bulb when screwed into fixture)

Please Note: Not recommended to use with Frosted Light Bulbs

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