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The Portable LED Lamp is the adjustable light that gives you the brightness of 20 long-lasting LEDs where you need it most.
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Tired of having your batteries scattered in drawers and not being able to find them? Our Battery Organizer will solve this problem for you.
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Battery Organizer and Tester - #3089
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Super bright light when you need it. The Versa Stick provides a brilliant, bright white light in an emergency, to illuminate a work space or whenever a regular flashlight just won't do.
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Here it is the most functional light ever... Itís a worklight and a flashlight in one! Get this two-pack and always be ready.
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The USB LED Light ensures you have light to do your computing when you need it most. Use it on the plane, during a dimly lit presentation, or in bed.
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This pocket-sized, incredibly lightweight 5-in-1 Multi-Tool offers stainless steel tools and an amazingly bright solar powered 2-LED flashlight with pushbutton control. WE GIVE YOU TWO OF THESE AT THIS LOW PRICE

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These are the COOOOOOOLEST Things! The Color Scan Flameless Candle allows you to easily coordinate it with nearly any interior or exterior color scheme.
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The 3pc High Performance Flashlight Collection is a heavy duty companion that comes neatly in a padded military-style hardshell case with carrying cord.
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These White Solar LED Rope Lights are ideal for lining walkways, windows, trees, gazebos, architectural details, stairs, deck railings and any other outdoor object you can imagine.
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Grab some lightweight illumination when you need it. These compact lanterns come in a set of eight so you can keep them handy in your home and vehicles.
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The Swat Striker Tactical Pro Gear Kit is loaded with features, accessories, and utility. Use it as a practical tool camping, emergencies, or even looking for the remote under the sofa! Your old flashlight just won't compare to this!
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This handy flashlight uses 10 white LED bulbs for soft light and 6 UV LED bulbs (UltraViolet) for a sharp purple-blue hue; making a total of 16 LED bulbs and two settings.
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This is the best headlamp you'll ever see. Using only 1 SUPER-bright Cree R3 Bulb, this high intensity head-mounted light also features an adjustable beam, allowing you to switch between flood focus and spot focus.
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Extreme Bright Cree Headlamp - #6260
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These White 100 LED Solar String Lights provide an easy way to decorate during the holidays or all year round.
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Small, convenient, instant light, wherever you need it. Smaller than a hockey puck, this compact LED lantern "pops up" into a bright, 3-1/2 inch tall mini lantern with a single twist.
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Collapsible Lantern - 3 pack - #5396
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You won't believe just how bright one flashlight can be! Using SUPER-bright Cree XPG Bulbs, this high intensity flashlight also features an adjustable beam, allowing you to switch between flood focus and spot focus.
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Batteries for every need!
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Battery Collection - #6534