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Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag LARGE - 250 Square Feet

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag LARGE - 250 Square Feet

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Clear The Air Naturally WITHOUT Chemicals!
Named one of Oprah's Favorite Things (March 2013)

Made of 100% Moso Bamboo Charcoal, this air purifying bag is non-toxic, eco-friendly and fragrance free.

The Moso Bag naturally and effectively absorbs odors, bacteria, harmful pollutants and allergens.

Maybe itís your musty basement. Maybe itís kitty litter. Maybe itís a diaper pail, a doggy smell or your gym bag. Maybe itís that new car smell. Or that old car smell. Or your shoes. The Moso Bag can help. This relatively small bag is going to make your life a whole lot better.

The Moso Bag is a non-toxic, eco-friendly, fragrance free, extremely effective air purifier that absorbs odors, bacteria, harmful pollutants and allergens. It also dehumidifies, which helps prevent excess moisture, mold and mildew. Made of 100% Moso bamboo charcoal, the Moso Bag is a natural alternative to standard air fresheners, many of which contain toxic and/or carcinogenic chemicals such as formaldehyde, petrochemicals and p-dichlorobenzene.

Available in two convenient sizes, the Moso Bag dehumidifies to help prevent mold, mildew and excess moisture.

"If you are sensitive to smells like I am and want a natural and safe alternative for your family and pets this is a great choice..." For optimal results, position the Moso Bag in an open area; it is safe to place on any surface. A Moso Bag typically lasts for two years as an air purifier, just place it in the sun once a month to rejuvenate.

- Fragrance Free
- Non Toxic
- Eco Friendly
- Naturally Removes Odors, Bacteria, Pollutants, Allergens
- Dehumidifies
- Rejuvenate in Sunlight
- Reuse for Two Years
- Recycle Into The Soil
- LARGE 500g BAG: Cleans up to 250 Square Feet

After the charcoal is exhausted as an air purifier, the bamboo charcoal makes a wonderful addition to your garden, where it promotes plant growth and completes its lifecycle as a product that comes from the earth and ultimately gives back to the earth.

Cut open the bag and put the charcoal into your soil, where it promotes plant growth due to its mineral-rich nature and ability to retain moisture.

About Bamboo Moso and This Process:
The Bamboo Moso bamboo is a species of giant timber bamboo native to China that grows to 55 feet and up. We get ours from a farm in Chinaís Fujian Province.

The process of converting the bamboo into bamboo charcoal begins with cutting down the bamboo (it then grows back). The cut bamboo is dried for a few weeks, then treated in a kiln at 750įC for two weeks to create the charcoal.

As it cooks, the charcoal develops millions of tiny, porous holes. It is through these holes (one gram of bamboo charcoal has as much as one thousand square meters of surface area) that the charcoal absorbs impurities in the air such as chemicals and allergens

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