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Rechargeable 7800 Neon Power Bank

Rechargeable 7800 Neon Power Bank

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With the Neon Rechargeable Power Bank 7800 Dual Charger, not only can you charge a smartphone and iPad, but you can do both at the SAME time!

That's right, dual USB ports will charge iPhones, iPads, Kindles, MP3 players, Android tablets, other smartphones and more. Basically anything that can be charged by plugging it into a USB port will work - including the iPhone 5 (just use your supplied Apple cord!)

With a whopping 7800 mAh of storage capacity, you'll be ready for charging some devices multiple times! The sleek, rubberized design is ultra-durable. It's so compact, it fits easily into your pocket, purse, or anywhere while you're on the go. It comes in 4 super-fun colors!

To use, simply charge your Power Cell Battery Backup via your computer's USB port, or another USB power source. Then attach your device by plugging its charging cord to an available USB (1A/2A) slots. Then just push the button - it's that easy! It has enough juice to power an iPad, or your smartphone a few times over! It even has an LED flashlight.

- Reusable, Rechargeable Battery Backup for Phones
- Durable Rubberized Design in 4 Colors
- Faster Charging / Low Power Consumption
- One Button Operation
- 2 USB Ports, Charge 2 Devices at Once
- Portable: Fits Easily in Pocket, Purse, Briefcase, etc.
- Battery Level Indicating Lights
- LED Flashlight (hold down the button)
- High Capacity 7800 mAh Battery
- Dimensions: 2.5" Wide x 3.75" Long x .75" deep
- Minimum Electricity Loss Over Extended Periods of Inactivity
- Includes Micro USB Cord
- DC Input: 5v-1000mA
- DC Output: 5v-1000mA and 5v-2100mA
- Brand: SoundLogic XT

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