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Silent Squeaky Dog Toy by Pet Parade

Silent Squeaky Dog Toy by Pet Parade

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Any pet owner will tell you that dogs love the sound of a squeaky toy, but the high pitched squeaky toys can drive any pet owner BONKERS!

This fun toy is made of super-soft plush that your dog will love, and features a suppressed squeak that the owners will love - it sounds like a puff of air. The traditional squeaker sound is actually unnecessary to get a dogs attention, so while your dog will enjoy the noise of the toy it won't bother the rest of the family. Everyone wins with this toy!

- Outer/Stuffing - 100% Polyster
- Squeaker - 95% Acetate 5% Zinc
- Squeaker is quiet but still fun for dogs
- One size and color available
- Super-soft plush

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