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Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers
Great items at Great Prices... load up on these for wonderful Christmas Gifts and stocking stuffers this holiday season. 

This head wrap helps relieve headaches naturally, eliminating the need for medications. A study published by the Archives of Family Medicine proved that head wraps alleviated migraine and tension headaches in 87% of patients.
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The Chilly Towel is an amazing towel scientifically designed to keep you cool on even the hottest days! The secret is in the super-absorbent shammy-like weave and hyper-evaporating material that cools off as the towel naturally dries.
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Here's an item that's useful, compact, easy to use and just plain neat! It's a mini voice recorder that plugs into your computer for both playback and charging.
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Voice/Audio USB Recorder - #6165

Save money and get the exact strength of coffee you want with these Single Brewing Coffee Filters. You'll love the convenience, versatility and earth friendliness of these.
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