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Under the Sink Shelf Organizer

Under the Sink Shelf Organizer

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Transform the cluttered, disorganized and otherwise wasted space under your sink into an efficient storage area with the Adjustable Under Sink Shelf Organizer.

Fast and easy to assemble, you can add or remove the modular shelf pieces to accommodate plumbing and garbage disposals. You can also adjust the height of the shelves by moving the rails up and down. With the versatility of arrangements you can make you can maximize the amount of storage space under your sink.

Can be used just as easily under a bathroom or utility sink or any tights space where you might want to maximize storage.

-The unique one of a kind under-sink organizer creates usable storage space
-Solid metal piping and durable plastic shelves are modular and can be arranged to fit around any under-sink pipe configuration adding desirable shelf space
-Includes 10 adjustable shelves
-Easy to clean, easy to use and install.
-Plastic and aluminum construction will not corrode
-Expands from 15 inches to 26 inches
- Depth is approximately 10.5 inches
- Height is 14.5 inches
Save more when you buy two or more.
Order one (1) for just $19.99
SAVE $4.00 and get two (2) for $35.98
SAVE $6.00 and get three (3) for $53.97
SAVE $8.00 and get four (4) for $71.96

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