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30 PC DynaCell Assorted Batteries

30 PC DynaCell Assorted Batteries

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How many times have you needed a watch/button battery for a watch, calculator, game or more and never had it? Then you try and run to a convenient store only to find they don't carry these types of batteries. Finally you go to your local drug store and find out this little battery is about $5.00!

We're going to solve this problem for you with an assortment (30 total) of alkaline batteries that will fill your every need... watches, games, laser pointers, calculators, radios, cameras, remote controls, toys, alarms etc. All For JUST $2.99!

This 30 Piece Package Includes:
- 6 of AG1 364
- 6 of AG3 392
- 6 of AG4 377
- 6 of AG13 357
- 3 of AG5
- 3 of AG12
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