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Texting Grip Gloves

Texting Grip Gloves

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UPDATE COPY With all the touch screens out there now, texting gloves are becoming essential. Invented out practicality, the gloves allow you to operate the touch screen on your smart phone, local ATM, or tablet without you having to take them off.

It's such a pain when you're out and about in winter weather and need to use your phone. You have to take off your glove every time! A simple task once or twice maybe, but how many times do you check your phone in a given minute; is worth even wearing them?

- One-size fits all
- Standard cloth glove design (black)
- Texting tips on the thumb, index and middles fingers
- Tips work as conductors between your fingers and touch screens
- Will not scratch or damage your screen
- Hand wash in cool water only
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