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2016 Month Day Planner

2016 Month Day Planner

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Day Planners can get really expensive when you go to stores to buy them. Why spend all that money for something that will literally only last a year?

Our quality 2016 Day Planners are gorgeous and protected by a Leather-like outer cover. Each day has either its own page or half page, so you'll never have to worry about squeezing your busy schedule into little boxes. It's organized by color coded tabs and even has a sections for addresses and phone numbers, a personal memoranda, and all kinds of useful World Information listed in the features. The best feature of all is our incredibly low price compared to stores. There's no time to lose!

We have three different styles available and each Planner is eight and a half by five and a half inches - the perfect size for backpacks, purses and drawers.

- Leather-like slip cover
- Full and Half page days
- Organized by color coded tabs
- Scrolling Month Calendars on each page
- Three Different Styles: Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown. (Sorry no color choice available)
- Hour Graduation on Each Day
- Attached Book Mark

- Address and Phone Numbers
- World Times with Map
- International Airport Abbreviations
- Personal Memoranda (Great Feature!)
- International Holidays
- Metric Conversions
- Calorie and Cholesterol Counter
- Clothing Sizes
- World Information Chart
- Chinese Animal Chart
- Birthstone and Flower Chart
- Astrological Signs Chart
- Dimensions: 5.75" x 8.25"

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