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Voice/Audio USB Recorder - 4GB Model

Voice/Audio USB Recorder - 4GB Model

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Here's an item that's useful, compact, easy to use and just plain neat! It's a mini voice recorder that plugs into your computer for both playback and charging.

All you need to do is charge it up and when you need to record a voice or audio, just flip on the switch and it's recording. Plug it into your computer and open up the audio files like you would any USB storage device.

You can record up to 70 hours without having to make space on the device. This is perfect for long lectures--you can fit a whole semester of classes on one recorder!

This is also great for personal journals, research notes, or whatever you deem necessary to record. Have you ever heard a song when you were out and couldn't think of the name? Problem solved--just flip the switch, record and find out later!

- USB voice and audio recording device
- Rubberized plastic construction (black)
- LED on/off indicator
- Rechargeable
- Record/Stop Switch
- Removable Cap
- Keychain/utility loop so you can have it with you always
- 4GB - Approx 70 hours of audio

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