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Multicade Handheld Gaming System with 230 Built-In Games

Multicade Handheld Gaming System with 230 Built-In Games

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Take a trip down memory lane with the MultiCade Handheld Gaming System, featuring 230 arcade games! You might remember some of the iconic titles like Galaga and Sudoku. And there are tons of puzzle games comparable to Candy Crush, Tetris, and Super Mario.

What's really cool about the MultiCade is that it is shaped like a miniature arcade machine with A/B buttons and a joystick - easy to use even for those who aren't big gamers.

The MultiCade Gaming System provides hours and hours of fun. It's great for travel or just killing time. No matter what kind of games you like, the MultiCade has something for you.

- Handheld Arcade System
- 230 Games Included (see below for complete list)
- Easy Controls
- Modeled After Arcade Machines
- Volume Control
- Takes 3 AAs (Not Included)
- 3.25 in. X 3.25 in. X 6 in.

Sports Games:
VR Tennis, Penalty Shootout, World Wide Top Score, Football Training, Table Soccer, Beat Brick, Goals, Header, Soccer Cup Final, Basketball, Darts, ShadowBox, Hercules, Soccer Boy, Skateboard, Horse Race, Roads, Golfer, Rugby, Animal Tennis, Wrestling, Drift Racing, Motor Racer, Dodge The Ball, F1 Race, Autoboat, Table, Baseball, Shoot, Shotput, Disqus, Goalkeeper

Shooting Games:
Street Bullet, Super Sharpshooter, Big Man, Wild Duck, Penguins, Sky Fighter, Wave Tiger, Popo, Tiger Man, UFO, Water Fire, Spacewar, Bug Fight, Shelters, Tanks, Magmax, Spacefighter, FIghter Plane, Enemy Attacker, Ship Defender, Seicross, Radar, Air Buster, Maze Arrow, Troopers, Bomb Release, Earth Defender, Trek, Sky Walker, Air Socker, Star Soldier, Battle Field, Battle Field 2, Galaxy War, Sea Fighter, Space War 2, Galaxy War 2, Shuttle Attack, Defender, Mighty Boys, Enemy Hunt, Galaga, Tank, Trooper, Shooting, Robot, Final, Archer, Close, Enchanter, Defensive, Dragon, Aerial, Ghost, Final

Puzzle Games:
Sudoku, Unwanted Space, Gem Copy, Fruit Couping, Rabbit Pipes, Crazy Coins, Twin Cards, Copy It, Find Different , Western Restaurant, Germ Killer, Painting, Route, Match Up, Math Genius, Harry, Carpark, Picture Matcher, Picture Magic, Push Box, Ball Switch, Zoology, Magic Ball, Photo Puzzle, Maze, Speed Type, Stainless Glass, Ball Eliminator, Let's Count, Loop Legend, Tent, Bead Switch, Lode Runner, Math Genius, Number Puzzle, Bead, Pyramid, Secret Mission, Fling Ball, Sum It Up, Pattern Puzzle, Box Jump, Color Balls, Constellation, Fire, Tryst, Genius, Gluttonous Snake, Smart Girl, Pillar Break, Lucky Ball, Dice, Backgammon, Maze Link, Balloon Chess, Cards, Chess, Convection, Battlefield, Toy Factory, Lawn, Horrible, Undersea, Burrow, Tactful, Panda, Gem

Arcade Games:
Whack Mole, Music Composer, Blue Jack, Shepherd, Box Thrower, China Corpse, Fatso Jumper, Cat Vs Dog, Magical Kitchen, Build Man, Duel, Helli Mission, Squirrel Courtship, Maggie, Iceberg, Farm Keeper, Cross River, Terminal, Fruit Eater Exit, Fruit Collector, Abscondee, Smart Bomber, Gluttonous Dog, Jump Mouse, Maze Bomber, Car Treasure, Wall Breaker, Worms, Birds, Survival, Combat Cars, Balloon Warrior, Balloon Zone, Wing Fighter, Falling, Street War, Sword Combat, Rescue The Girl, Teleport, Gold Finder, Pro Sweeper, Ghost Adventure, Underground Battle, Candy Eater, Rabbits, Wrecking, Acrobatics, Arabian, Escape, Diamonds, Train Saver, Bonanza Bounce, Bee Jumper, Ice Climb, Key Finder, Ninja Stars, Climb Up, Ninjas, Underground, Maze Trooper, Boat Race, Sqoon, Exit, Brave, Cute, Diamond, Plush, Blobman, Penguin, Eating, Fireman, Hit, Rocketman

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