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Battery Operated Heated Gloves - Unisex

Battery Operated Heated Gloves - Unisex

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Heated Winter Gloves… what more can I say! These awesome gloves are the ultimate cold-weather accessory.

Both gloves include a heating element that is powered by 3 AA batteries (6 total per pair, not included). Don't worry about these overheating. The change in temperature is gradual, gentle and oh-so luxurious. The switch and LED power indicator on the battery packs make them easy to power on and off.

In addition to the battery powered heating element, these gloves are well made and insulated with soft fleece. They even feature non-slip palm grip. I would buy these even without the heating function!

- Pair of Heated Gloves
- Each Pair Requires 6 AA Batteries (not included)
- Battery Packs Tuck into Wrist Slots
- On/Off Switches on Both Gloves
- Red LED Power Indicator Lights
- Heavily Insulated Winter Gloves
- 5 Hours of Heat from Full Batteries
- Unisex / One Size Fits Most

Warning: This produce should not be used by diabetics, persons with extreme circulation problems, or any person who may be sensitive to the application of direct heat to the skin's surface. If in doubt, consult your physician prior to use.

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