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Furniture Booties - Set of Four

Furniture Booties - Set of Four

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Wood floors are beautiful but boy do they scratch easily! Now you can protect not just your hardwood floors, but bamboo, laminate and tile floors from scratches and marks with these Furniture Booties

Best of all installing is a breeze... you just slide them on like a pair of socks for your furniture legs!

No more annoying felt pads that always come off and stick elsewhere. These stay on your furniture.

These Furniture booties will not only protect your floor, they also will keep the noise down to a minimum... no more annoying squeaks when you pull a chair out.

- Set of 4 Booties
- Fits most tables and chairs
- Stretchable
- Easy to put on
- Soft Base
- Protects your floors from scratches
- Machine washable and reusable

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