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Here's a stunning collection that has the designer-inspired look of Vera Bradley without the hefty price tag.

Get one, two or all three of these pieces that are perfect for everyday use, for travel or fun. When you buy them all you really save a bunch too!
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Screen Egg is the amazing dual-action screen cleaner that will effectively and easily clean all your favorite devices. Itís great to use on ALL touch-screen devices.
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You won't believe just how bright one flashlight can be! Using SUPER-bright Cree XPG Bulbs, this high intensity flashlight also features an adjustable beam, allowing you to switch between flood focus and spot focus.
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You'll be blown away by the quality of these... then when you realize the price you paid, you'll feel sorry for all those people who spend $80, $100 even $200 for a pair of similar headphones.
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Here it is the most functional light ever... Itís a worklight and a flashlight in one! Get this two-pack and always be ready.
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These Extendable Microfiber Dusters actually grab and capture the dust instantly. You can then dispose of the dustwith a good shake or washing.
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Modeled after the ancient method of Hair Threading, the EZ Tweeze is designed to easily remove unwanted hair without harming your skin. In just 2 minutes your unwanted facial hair will be gone!
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EZ Tweeze Hair Remover - #4453A