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Not many people realize that this technology has a limited lifespan of 15-20 years. Let's not forget how hard humidity is on all our favorite electronics. The only way to save your home movies from disintegrating into time is to convert them to either DVDs or creating digital files of them that WILL last forever. The Media Saver Music and Video Life Extender is here for just that!
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Media Saver and Converter - #6007
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Transform the cluttered, disorganized and otherwise wasted space under your sink into an efficient storage area with the Adjustable Under Sink Shelf Organizer.
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Under the Sink Shelf Organizer - #6713
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The Ear Wax Removal Kit is the safe, comfortable alternatives to jamming cotton swabs in your ears - which you not should do! It's easy, reusable and much safer than cotton swabs.
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Not only does this Lumbar Support Cushion provide amazing relief to your lower back, it also rolls up tight for portability and easy storage.
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Silicone brushes won't burn, fray, shed, stain or retain odors...withstand heat to 500 degrees!
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3 Pc. Silicone Brush - #3954
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YES you can turn a two-plug outlet into one with Six Plugs AND Two USB Ports! The USB ports are perfect for easy charging of portable devices. Designed to work with digital cameras, iphones, smartphones, MP3 players, tablets and portable hard drives.
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Tired of having your batteries scattered in drawers and not being able to find them? Our Battery Organizer will solve this problem for you.
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Battery Organizer and Tester - #3089
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Capture all your needed notes, lectures and music with this high quality, pocket-sized Digital Voice Recorder with built-in speaker and microphone. 4GB worth of storage space!
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These White 100 LED Solar String Lights provide an easy way to decorate during the holidays or all year round.
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Modeled after the ancient method of Hair Threading, the EZ Tweeze is designed to easily remove unwanted hair without harming your skin. In just 2 minutes your unwanted facial hair will be gone!
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The most effective and best drain cleaner we've EVER used!
Unclog your sinks, bathtubs, and showers in seconds without chemicals!
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EZ Zip Drain Cleaner 2-Pack - #5213A
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Don't waste valuable counter space! Use the Over-the-Sink Drying Rack to rinse and dry fruits or vegetables, or as a drain rack for dishes. Made of sturdy silicone-coated steel, the drying rack fits over your standard-size sink without bending,
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