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Itís not quite the "Back To The Future" hoverboard, but itís close!

It's by far the hottest rage for the stars and professional athletes. Nick Jonas, JR Smith, Nicki Minaj, David Ortiz, Justin Beiber and so many more have been seen riding around on these.
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In this key-shaped tool is a straight and serrated knife blade, an LED flashlight and a flathead screwdriver - the 3 things you always seem to need for daily applications. Open boxes and packaging; tighten that screw that keeps coming loose; light up the key hole when you get home at nightÖ the list goes on
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Swiss Tech Utili-Key MX 2-PK - #7237A
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The Skrapr is a specially designed scraper made out of a patented resin material that will not scratch your smooth surfaces. Use it to safely clean gunk and buildup on your pots, pans, ceramic surfaces, grills, hardwood flooring, glass stovetops, car windshields, granite, or marble surfaces. Add a little bit of water if necessary, but there's no need for chemicals!
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