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    4-Pack Premium Shot Glasses with FREE Memory Game (Dented Packaging)

    Begin your fun-filled get-togethers by playing the classic memory game. The electronic light up memory game is a great way to test your brain during a party.
    Item # DD-10550
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    Only 4 Left!
    DENTED and DINGED Packaging Save $$

    Begin your fun-filled get-togethers by playing the classic memory game. The electronic light up memory game is a great way to test your brain during a party.

    The Light Up Memory Game Comes with 4 Glass Shot Glasses!

    Each player takes turns testing their memory. The game will start with a random light. Follow that step and the game will repeat the step and add another. Each time you repeat a step correctly it adds another to the sequence up to 15 steps.

    If you follow all 15 lights correctly - take a shot!

    Or if you take your drinking games more seriously, take a shot whenever you MISS a sequence. Either way this game will jump start your party.

    Of course, you don't HAVE to drink to enjoy this game. It's still a challenge without the shots, but there are 4 glass shot glasses included for a reason.

    Have hours of fun with this simple but addictive game. A great gift for people who love parties and drinking games.


    • The memory game that's fun for any party
    • Take a turn and follow the lights
    • Includes four 1oz shot glasses
    • 2-to-4 players
    • Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5" x 0.75"
    • 1.5V batteries included

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